CNC programming a name

Requirements: 1: More than 5 years working experience in CNC programming, 2 familiar programming software. 2: able to serve in the machinery company for more than two years management, know how to handle the superior and subordinate relations. 3: obey the arrangements, and keep making progress.

CNC adjustment machine 1:

Requirements: 1: More than 2 years experience in CNC machining, know drawing requirements, familiar with the use, maintenance and maintenance of CNC machining center. 2: able to bear hardships, obedience arrangements. 3: to meet the needs of the various stations.

Quality Engineer 1:

Requirements: 1: 5 years experience in metal parts inspection. 2: served as the relevant quality management, to independently complete the quality plan and control procedures. 3: able to endure hardship, obedience arrangements.

Sales Manager 2:

Requirements: 1: 5 years sales experience in laser products. Requires familiarity with laser products. 2: to be able to independently develop sales plans.

Commodity inspection 1:

Requirements: 1: more than 2 years experience in inspection of metal parts, can be independently detected in accordance with the drawings. 2: able to bear hardships, obedience arrangements.